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The Benefits of Gardening

Have you ever had a really bad day? Maybe something at work didn’t go as planned and now you’re stressed that you won’t meet your deadline. Maybe your kids were extra needy and you just felt overwhelmed trying to care for all their needs. Maybe you got in a fight with someone you love and said things you didn’t mean. We’ve all been there and had those days. So often after a stressful day we want to disassociate and we do that by hopping on our phones and mindlessly scrolling. At least, that’s what I’m tempted to do.

A Black Swallowtail visiting a scabiosa bloom.

But that never actually makes me feel better. You know what does though? Going outside. Sometimes it’s just a quick walk to check the mailbox or watching the kids play for a while. But most of the time I find myself walking the yard and checking on my plants and gardens. Picking stray weeds, making mental notes of garden tasks, and just taking in the sites and sounds of nature soothes me in a way scrolling doesn’t. When I come back inside I feel like I have a fresh perspective and a clear mind. I feel at ease and relaxed.

My very favorite place to be.

Actual studies have been done that show being outdoors helps improve our thinking and reasoning abilities, and our physical and mental wellness. While going on a walk can accomplish all these things my favorite use of time outside is gardening, which has its own set of added benefits.

Gardening improves memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, and language and social skills. It’s so powerful and effective that it’s even widely used as a form of therapy called Horticultural Therapy! Growing cut flowers, specifically, improves happiness, reduces depression and anxiety, and leads to increased connection with family and friends. It’s pretty cool that a little flower patch can do all that!

I love to keep little bud vases of blooms throughout my home in places I'll see them. It makes me feel more put together and they always make me smile!

I know we’re in the dead of winter right now y’all, but I promise spring is coming. I’m seeing signs of it everywhere. Now is the perfect time to start planning a summer garden. If you’d like to try your hand at cut flower gardening, I’ve created a Cut Flower Garden Kit that includes the instructions and seedlings you’ll need to be successful. Imagine pulling into the driveway after a stressful day, or popping out to the yard for a break while the kids are napping and being greeted by a beautiful array of specialty cut flowers. Order yours in February for pickup the first weekend in May and enjoy fresh cut flowers all summer long.

Can you imagine if this was your view?

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