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DIY Flower Buckets

A beautiful, budget-minded solution to your event's floral needs.

Are you a bride planning a wedding or a host planning a shower or party? Got a big event coming up? Do you like the control that doing things yourself allows? Want florals that are totally unique? Then our DIY flower buckets might be the perfect solution for you! 

Available from May through June, DIY buckets are a fantastic way to save a little on your flower budget, without sacrificing quality, quantity, or style. 

What is a DIY Flower Bucket? Each DIY bucket includes 45-55 stems of focal flowers, greenery, and all the filler flowers you'll need to make about 4 quart-sized mason jar arrangements or 6 pint-sized mason jar arrangements (depending on how full they are). Flowers can also be used to create boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns, bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, and more! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Purchasing a DIY bucket or two will ensure your event will have one-of-a-kind, totally unique to you florals. As an added bonus, with proper care our flowers will last for at least another week after your event. You can spread the magic and give them out as favors and host gifts. 


  • Can I request specific flowers? DIY buckets will take advantage of whatever flowers are freshest and most abundant at the time of the event; however, if you have a specific flower or look in mind, we will try to accommodate your requests.

  • Do you provide the vases? No, we don't provided vases for our DIY bucket orders. Beautiful vases can be purchased at thrift stores, antique malls, and even big box stores. There's also the classic mason jar which can be purchased almost anywhere.

  • Do I keep the bucket they come in? Yes! We just ask that you try to repurpose and/or reuse it. You're also always welcome to return it by dropping it off at the flower stand any time. 

  • Can you design my florals for me? Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer design services. A simple Google search will turn up many great resources on flower arranging, though. 

  • When should I order my flowers? We require a minimum of a 72 hour lead time for DIY buckets. We also suggest that you schedule pickup of your flowers for 1-2 days before the event. This means that at a minimum you need to plan to order your flowers 4-5 days before your event is scheduled to take place. Orders can be placed up to one month in advance, but we can start a conversation about your event's flower needs long before that. 

  • How do I get my flowers? We only offer pickup at this point; however, we are very willing to work with your schedule. DIY buckets can be picked up almost any Monday-Saturday from 9am-7pm at our farm stand. 

  • Is there a minimum or maximum order? Our minimum order is one bucket. Our maximum order will vary depending on the volume of flowers available to harvest. If you need to place a large order, please contact us as soon as possible before your event to discuss your needs. 

Other useful information and considerations:

  • Gather all the tools you'll need beforehand. You'll need vases, sharp flower snips, a few people to help you (depending on the size of your event), and a staging space to set it all up. Depending on what you plan to create you may also need for floral tape, ribbon, pins, chicken wire, or floral foam. We recommend setting up in an indoor, climate controlled area, away from direct sunlight, with access to fresh water and plenty of workspace. 

  • Make a plan. We'll provide the healthy, gorgeous flowers to turn your vision into reality, but you should do your research and have a plan. Our advice is to find some images of the look you're going for and print them off for inspiration and reminders later on. 

  • Recruit help. Many hands make light work, especially if you're putting together flowers for a big event. Enlist 1-3 crafty friends to help you assemble your event florals. 

  • Practice, practice, practice. If you plan to try your hand at more complicated flower work like corsages or boutonnieres, purchase a few grocery store flowers (OR stop by the farm stand and grab some blooms) ahead of time and practice your technique on them. That way you're not trying to learn a new skill the night before your big event! No one needs that added stress. 

  • Scan the "Making Your Flowers Last" QR code. This is located on the back of the Acre Woods Flower tag, and you can also find it here. You'll learn some very helpful tips and tricks for getting the most life out of your flowers. 

If you are interested in placing an order for our DIY buckets, we would love to speak with you!

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