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Bouquet Subscriptions

***NOTE: 2024 subscriptions are sold out and 2025 subscriptions will be available to purchase in November. Make sure to sign up for our emails and be the first to know when you can purchase a subscription.***


Enjoy a Spring full of beautiful bouquets straight from my garden to your home! 


Why purchase a bouquet subscription? 

  • You are supporting a local small business, who in turn supports other local small businesses. 

  • To gift to a loved one. We don’t know about you, but nothing brings a smile to our face quite like a big bouquet of  flowers. Why give one bouquet from a chain florist when you can give 4 bouquets for the same price? 

  • Nothing says “spring” like fresh flowers!

  • Flowers bring instant cheer to a home, office, care facility, or any other room they grace.

  • Your flowers will be so much fresher and longer lasting than those you buy in grocery stores. Did you know that almost 80% of the flowers sold in the US are imported from other countries? By the time they arrive in your hands, they are often a week old, have traversed continents and oceans, and have been in and out of water many times. Your subscription flowers will be harvested within 24 hours of pickup or delivery, are grown right in Indian Trail, and will be in water the entire time. 

  • Our flowers are sustainably grown. It is very important to us that we are good stewards of the gifts God has given us. This means we use sustainable, organic products on our flowers. Pollinators and beneficial insects are vital to a healthy ecosystem and we want to do everything we can to support them.


What exactly is a bouquet subscription?

Our bouquet subscriptions feature seasonal favorites such as tulips, ranunculus, anemones, snapdragons, Bells of Ireland, rudbeckia, feverfew, Sweet William and more! They are available for pickup or delivery on a monthly or bi-weekly schedule. 2024 pickup points are the flower stand (10116 Mill Grove Road, Indian Trail) or Brakeman's Coffee in downtown Matthews. Subscribers purchase their subscription and then receive an email with their bouquet schedule 3-4 weeks before subscriptions begin. 

Bouquets come beautifully wrapped and ready to be placed into your favorite vase or gifted. Every bouquet comes with flower food and a QR code you can scan on the back of the tag with instructions for getting the most life from your flowers. 

If your bouquets are being delivered, a bucket will be provided for you to set out with water the day of your subscription drop-off. Don't worry though, if you forget to set it out one day I'll have extras! Just set both buckets out the following week and I'll take the extra one back.


  • Can I gift a subscription? Absolutely! Bouquet subscriptions make a fantastic gift for any flower lover in your life. 

  • I'm a local business, can I sign up for a bouquet subscription? Definitely! Flowers are a fantastic way to brighten up offices or as employee birthday or appreciation gifts. They're a very welcoming addition to any business. 

  • The subscription is full, when will the next one be? We’re so sorry you didn’t get a spot! Subscriptions will be available for purchase again in November for Spring 2025. Be sure to sign up for our emails so you'll know when they're available - they go fast! You can also follow along on our Instagram or Facebook pages for more info and updates.

  • Can I cancel my subscription? So much planning goes into ensuring the correct amount of flowers are grown to fill subscriptions. Because of this we, unfortunately, cannot offer refunds on subscription orders. 

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