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Meet Elizabeth

I'm headed into my fifth year growing flowers and I've found that I love every aspect of flower farming. Something about coaxing life up from this red clay is so fulfilling to me. Growing up, my mom always planted flowers around our house in little terracotta pots, big whiskey barrel halves, around the mailbox, you name it. When I got old enough to help, planting days became some of my favorite days. When my husband and I purchased our home, I immediately started a vegetable garden and relished in the opportunity to once again get some dirt on my hands.

However, after a few seasons I began to feel burned out. I was lamenting to a friend one day about how I wasn’t inspired by my garden anymore and she suggested I try growing flowers. She went on to ask what would bring me more joy- growing a cucumber I could run to any grocer and buy, or a bouquet of brightly colored blooms on my dining table? That was solid reasoning. The next time I saw her she gave me a bouquet of homegrown zinnias and I was hooked.

I’ve been asked what my favorite part of growing flowers is. For me, it’s sharing the beauty of my flowers with others! Out of a desire to do that on a larger scale, Acre Wood Flowers was born.

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